When in Sedona, it is hard to resist hiking among the red rocks. There are many trails to explore. However, if you are new to the area some trailheads can be difficult to locate and it may be hard to tell how difficult of a hike you are about to start.

In West Sedona, by Coffee Pot Rock are a couple of favorite trails. The Sugarloaf Loop travels around Sugarloaf, which is the small formation in front of Coffee Pot Rock. It has nice views and is fairly level. The hike is a little over 2 miles. This trail is popular, but not as crowded as the Bell Rock area.

If you want to see even better views, watch for the Sugarloaf Summit trail, which turns off of the Sugarloaf Loop trail on the north side of Sugarloaf. There is more climbing on this trail, but it is worth it for the views. The rocks form a kind of natural stairway, which makes it an easier climb. Once you get to the top you can walk around for a 360 degree view. Then you return to the Sugarloaf Loop trail and continue going around Sugarloaf. From the top not only do you have great views of Coffee Pot Rock, you can also get a nice view of Thunder Mountain, Chimney Rock and Airport Mesa.

In case, you are curious about the name sugarloaf, it refers to a cone of refined sugar with a rounded top. Sugar was produced and sold in a sugarloaf, until the late 19th century when manufactures started selling granulated sugar. Pieces of sugar were broken off the loaf with sugar-nips.

The Sugarloaf Trails are in West Sedona. To find the Sugarloaf Loop trailhead, take 89A to West Sedona and take Coffeepot Drive north to Sanborn Drive. Turn left on Sanborn Drive and then turn right on to Little Elf Drive. Little Elf Drive curves to the right and turns into Buena Vista. The parking lot for the trailhead will be on your left off of Buena Vista.